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Our Small Business Websites have the look, feel and responsiveness of a regular website without all of the additional costs and ongoing yearly fees.

Small Business Website BENEFITS at a GLANCE

No Ongoing Yearly Hosting Fees.
SSL Security Certification included as standard.
Google Search Engine Optimization included.
Image Optimisation as Standard.
Access to Stock Imagery
Google Analytics Setup
Google My Business Setup
Fully Mobile Responsive


One affordable price
No More to Pay

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What is a Small Business Websites?

Unlike your standard website, a Brochure Website consists of one main page the is split into a variety of relative sections or elements that come together to make up the site.

These sections are accessible from the navigation menu in the header of the website and each navigation element links to the relevant website section.

benefits of a Small Business Website?

Website Designs Strategy

Most website hosting companies charge you a yearly fee to host your site but with our Brochure Websites, there are no ongoing yearly hosting fees.

Many hosting companies charge you an additional fee for your SSL Security Certification but this comes as standard with your website, leaving more dollars in your pocket.

Our Brochure Websites are hosted on dedicated servers with Australian based content delivery networks. These dedicated servers deliver your pages to your clients with lightning-fast speeds making for a more enjoyable browsing experience.

Our Brochure Websites are also Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) compatible adding an almost instantaneous loading speed to your website.

Your website will be fully mobile-responsive allowing your clients to access your products and services from anywhere at any time.

Unlike the more commonly used WordPress Website Platform our Brochure components are automatically updated and backed-up from within the hosting environment meaning you won't ever have to pay any ongoing maintenance costs.

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businesses best suited to a
Small Business Website?

Our Brochure Websites are best suited to those small businesses that have a local clientele and are focused on a particular product or service.

These small businesses could include trade orientated businesses like Plumbers, Electricians or Mechanics but they would also be ideal for Coffee Shops, Restaurants, Clothing Shops or other smaller retailers.

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Website Design

features of a Small Business Website


Your Brochure Website will contain many of the same elements that you would find in a simple small business website including...

  • Header and Footer Elements
  • Hero and Title Sections
  • Content Sections
  • Call to Action Elements.
  • Testimonials Section
  • Contact Us Section
  • About Us Section
  • Buttons, Images and Links
  • Product or Services Sections
  • Our Brochure Websites are also Google Search Engine Optimised and alongside your SEO optimisation, you will also have access to over 60 million Royalty-Free Images that will be fully web optimised once on your site.
  • And as a bonus, we will help you to claim and set up your Google My Business Profile giving you that extra boost in your local business niche.


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Frequently asked questions

How Much Does a Brochure Website Cost?

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Will my website be mobile friendly?

A resounding YES, our Brochure Websites are Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) compatible, which not only means that they are created and served in a google preferred platform but they also load onto your clients devices almost instantaneously. This speedy load time along with the responsiveness of the content all adds up to a better browsing experience for your customers. 

HOw long will I own the Website for?

The website will be yours to own forever as long as you continue to own the Domain Name.

Who do I get Started?

Getting started on your Brochure Website is easy...simple click on the GET STARTED TODAY button below. This will take you to Website Strategy Consultation page where you will be able to book in a time and date for your complimentary Website Consultation and then your on your way.
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